More Primal Fire Pics from Sherwood Park 2013

The Circle
The Power
The Circle
The Camaraderie
The Circle
The Honoring
The Circle
The Love
The Circle
The Sharing
The Circle
The Circle
Family Bonding
The Bonding
The Circle
The Soaring
The Circle
The Caring
The Circle
The Power
The Circle
Fly Brother
The Circle
2 boards will do it
The Circle
See it's easy to break through blocks
The Circle
Nice One
The Circle
The Cool People
The Circle
Enjoying Nature
The Circle
Try Again . . . She did it on the next one!
The Circle
Love you guys
The Circle
The Circle
The Circle
2 Boards at 1 Time--Impressive!
The Circle
Oh Yes, the Eating


Words cannot express the feelings I have about this weekend - I truly feel as if my life will never be the same . . .

After years of being alone, I have met my soulmate at the Primal Fire. I am so grateful and blessed.

The soulful experience of our weekend is generating such positive energy into my soul. Despite my immediate return to work and obligatory tasks, I am integrating the lessons from our primal fire experience into the "everydayness" of my life. I am blessed to have spent such quality time with all of you. I embrace the unknown......... and welcome what is to come........ I am in the moment.

Patrick is an enlightened facilitator. He drew us together in such a strong bond of community. F.R.

After getting in touch with my primal energy this weekend, I had the best sex with my husband in a long, long time. I rediscovered my primal sexuality. C.V.

The exercises were phenomenal and the permission to be just who I am was just what I needed. I connected with my mother in a way I never had before. J.E.

I have always had challenges being around people. The Primal Fire allowed me to be in community in a way I have never experienced.

I want to thank all of you for creating a Sacred, safe space that opened the door to a very deep healing for me. I didn't have any expectations and my intention was to just get away from the city and relax. I told myself I wouldn't participate too much and I'm glad I didn't follow it.
I am very, very grateful for the idea to have a partner to continue processing our feelings for the next month. [Please see the poem below.]

The experience was something I could never imagine. I had gone without knowing what I wanted, except to experience an adventure and create peace and joy in my life. What I got was being reconnected with fears, frustrations. I really saw how controlled I am in life and got to experience how to let go of control. I could actually see the stress involved in how I have been living. I got to experience peace in just being with people and being open in ways that I have never thought possible. In the sweat lodge I got to the most vulnerable place possible, and as a result, I received peace in the moment. I experienced the life I want to live in that moment--the life I was trying to figure out in my head was there all along. The freedom and safety that I experienced is something that I now carry with me and that I write down daily. I got to see courage first hand in all of my group friends. I did not want to even leave the mountains. I actually felt the experience that I have read about in books of being one with Earth. Things that I studied and later lost all came together in the experience with the group. I encourage anyone to go and be in the space of experiencing and being in their heart.

For me, my experience was being given the gift enabling my presence there with Patrick, Corina and the rest of the PF group! You never cease to amaze and bless me. This group was unique, loving, supporting, and caring, as they provided the space for me/us to experience just what was ready to come up and take a good look at. The safety and aliveness that I felt to just "be" the exposed, non-conforming, late person that I was, was so valuable to me and provided me the opportunity to dig even a little deeper in my quest for self discovery and enlightenment. Thanks for not letting me cover the "garbage" with cream and a cherry! And as my intention was for clarity about relationship, the sexual "serenade" in the nearby tent allowed me to see how open and ready I am for the tenderness of loving to come into my life. It's been a long time since I fell asleep with a smile on my face!
To all my PF buddies, I send you big hugs and continued support for all your good intentions!!!
Yes, DO keep in the new exercise, the Primal Grope! It provided a great space for the healing tinkle of good, clean laughter!

I never would have believed that a trust fall would be so "enlightening." When I got up on the rock and faced the hills, saying what it was that I wanted to release, and then fell backwards; it did not "hit" me until I was in their arms that I felt a joy that I just don't normally experience. It was like for a moment all negative feelings were gone, I and the source were one.

I am feeling so empowered and, of course, healed. Putting up and taking down a tent (of course, with my tent mate, Opal), falling off a rock into loving arms, and just enjoying the outdoors with like-minded people--what an experience! I also was willing to face a great fear in the sweat lodge which was really enlightening. Thanks to all of you who shared and thanks Patrick for leading this magnificent group of people. I'm looking forward to the one in April. Sign me up, Patrick!

As I was driving home from the primal fire and looking at the scenery, I was totally present in the here and now and realized I would never look at the world the same again. B.B.

I had never experienced a sweatlodge before and it was awesome! I have never felt this much like a family with a group of people who I didn't know. J.G.

I have long felt like I don't belong and now I do. I belong to this group and I belong to my own primal fire. A.G.

I am on medication that keeps my libido in check, but after the primal fire, I got my mojo back. D.O.

POEM FALLING Primal Fire 2006

Written by "Jaguar Speaker”

I am FALLING into the abyss of “I DON'T” KNOW”
I feel the fear shaking my whole body
I hear words of encouragement:
Doubt comes in and I wonder if I could really trust
When I don't even KNOW where I'm going…

I stumble and now I'm even more afraid
I CENTER myself and choose to trust my friends,
I let myself go… Will they catch me?
It is only an instant and I am totally SUPPORTED!
My body is cradled in the strong arms of my friends:
I feel SAFE, loved, cared for,

I hear a sweet melody that sounds like angel's whispers
I am going HOME again.
My heart opens wide, trusting completely!
Yes! I have arrived home safely!
I OPEN my eyes and see the clear skies.
I SCREAM with all my power to the heavens,

This is your child Alicia “Jaguar Speaker”
I am ALIVE and FREE!
I accept my REBIRTH!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

May 22, 2006


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